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We understand that steering a small business towards success involves hurdling financial challenges. That’s why we offer tailored small business finance services aimed at elevating your operations and making you more profit.

Our key offerings encompass everything from efficient payroll handling to tax planning, ensuring your business’ finance needs are well taken care of.

Explore our exciting range of services below that propel us beyond an accountant —consider us your partner in success.


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Accountancy Services

Beyond the typical list you’d spot on any accountant’s site, we offer so much more. Baxterworld’s magic lies in blending integrations with insights. We roll out monthly management accounts – your secret weapon to shaping the future of your business. Plus, we weave together your Point of Sale system, stock management, and accounts software for a full picture of your operation in real-time clarity.

And that’s not all! We’re here with savvy advice to help you shrink that pesky tax bill. Combine all these dazzling services, and what do you have? A Full Accounts Department that works remotely, but feels as close as having your own in-house team

Management Accounts

  • Management accounts are fully integrated with annual accounts
  • A two week turn around ensures no surprises
  • Weekly reports on your Key Performance Indicators
  • Monthly Profit and Loss Account
  • Monthly balance sheet and Cash Flow reports
  • Departmental accounts and multi-company consolidations
  • Compare the performance of different venues side-by-side

Annual Accounts

  • Statutory accounts prepared under latest accounting standards and filed online with the tax authorities and the Companies Registry


  • Preparing and filing your VAT return
  • Advising on foreign VAT and reclaiming EC input VAT
  • Paying and reclaiming VAT on your imports
  • Handling Revenue inspections on your behalf



  • Entering supplier invoices
  • Arranging the approval of invoices including GRN matching
  • Paying suppliers by BACS or online payments
  • Entering supplier payments
  • Reconciling supplier balances with statements
  • Storing documentation in digital form
  • Ensuring easy Client access to all purchase records.


  • Providing easy ways to raise an invoice
  • Recording and matching payments from customers
  • Chasing customers for payment


  • Downloading transactions from the Bank’s systems
  • Posting receipts and payments to the ledger
  • Reconciling records with the bank, the basic check.

Software Consultancy

  • Quickbooks training
  • Training for cloud applications - Xero, Dext, Payroo, Breathe HR
  • Modernising back-office systems and improving your value for money
  • Free presentations to business groups on cloud systems for SMEs

Financial Planning

  • Preparing operating budgets and forecasts
  • Preparing forcasts to raise finance
  • Cash flow planning for projects


  • Collecting time and attendance information from online systems
  • Preparing wage payments for 1 to 1000 employees
  • Making payslips available to staff online (for up to 3 years)
  • Dealing with staff pay queries
  • Paying overseas staff
  • Handling PAYE and minimum wage inspections on your behalf

Tax Services

  • Company tax returns
  • Personal tax returns
  • Tax planning - arranging your affairs to pay the minimum tax
  • Handling tax enquiries on your behalf

Others Services

  • Attending board meetings
  • Forensic Accounting - reports for the courts
  • Treasury and currency management and advice

See something you like?

We will combine services into an affordable package for you

Outsourcing and Integrated Administration

Cloud-based software has taken the business world by storm, and guess what? We were dancing in the downpour. Imagine all your back-office tasks, from bookkeeping to stock control, chatting and trading secrets – sounds splendid, doesn’t it?

That’s not a distant dream anymore with our small business finance services. By weaving our workflow into the fabric of your business, we transform mayhem into harmony, pushing efficiency to the max and keeping your expenses nice and slim.

And the best part? Thanks to our cloud software partners, we’re always around, no matter where you’re based. From the UK to Ireland, even stretching as far as the Netherlands – we’re just a click away. 

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Full Accounts Department Service

Imagine having the perks of a full-scale finance department without the hefty price tag. Pretty great, right? This service not only grants you access to our top-of-the-line management accounts assistance but it also fine-tunes your administrative tasks into a smooth process. Bonus advantage? It helps your business reduce paper usage and go green!

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Why you need Monthly Accounts

Monthly accounts are like a business’s compass, providing real-time insights that guide us in making smart decisions and planning for the future. Think of it as a backstage pass to performance monitoring, budget control, and early issue detection, all wrapped up in a neat package of financial clarity.

It’s not just about numbers; it’s about staying agile, adapting to changes, and building a resilient foundation for our success.

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Specialist Industries

Baxterworld has been around for over 30 years and in that time we have learned a lot about a few specific industries. Hospitality has been a huge part of our story, as has those entrepreneurs with a gift for tech innovation and of course our work with charities.

If you are a part of one of these industries why not follow the links beloew to find out what specific insights and services we can offer you.

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