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About Us

Let’s talk a bit about us. Baxterworld settled its roots back in 1988. Ray Baxter, our founder, initially started operations under ‘Baxter Associates’ in Belfast, NI. As early pioneers using cloud technology we were able to broaden our service reach to Europe and beyond, though our main client base remains in the UK and Ireland.

At the heart of our operation, we are purebred management accountants, a role typically found in large companies where an in-house finance department is the norm. As seasoned small business owners, we understand the pulse of this sector. Our objective? To bring that high level of financial reporting to SMEs, offering unique insights that pave the way to success. How do we do this? By continuously staying at the forefront of cloud and automation technology, enabling us to excel at efficiency.

Fast forward 35 years, and that ethos remains firmly entrenched in our company’s DNA. We promise you a service that is efficient, comprehensive, and always with a friendly touch. Welcome to Baxterworld. Keep reading to learn more about us.


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We have a great team of accountants and bookeepers in our Belfast office. If you’ve been on the phone to us you’ll recognise some of the names on our Meet the Team page. Why not put a face to those voices and learn some more about us!

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Baxterworld’s blog hosts a variety of insights into the world of business; be that legislation changes, emerging work trends or simply updates to the current tax regime. Pop in regularly so you don’t miss somethign useful for your own business. Or follow us on the socials to learn more about us!