The Best KPI in the World Of all the performance measurements that a small hospitality or manufacturing business can use, Gross Profit %age is the most useful. It is calculated as follows: 
Sales less Direct Costs as a percentage of Sales 
Direct costs are those expenses which vary with sales. In a bar, for example, it would be beverage purchases. If the bar has a kitchen, then a separate KPI for food would be calculated: Food sales less food purchases as a percentage of food sales. 
In pubs and restaurants, GP %age should be between 65% and 75%. Things which affect this important KPI are: 
  • Selling prices 
  • Buying prices 
  • Wastage 
  • Pilferage 
  • Product mix 
  • Recipes 
If you have the benefit of monthly management accounts, then this measurement can be monitored, and changes made to improve it. An improvement of 5% over a period in a typical pub will generate an extra £30,000 per annum, therefore greatly impacting your business. Effective management of Gross Profit %age involves continuous monitoring and strategic adjustments. Factors like selling prices, purchasing costs, and controlling wastage and pilferage significantly influence this KPI. Regularly reviewing product mix and recipe costs can also optimize profitability. For pubs and restaurants, achieving and maintaining a GP %age between 65% and 75% is critical for financial health. Implementing robust inventory management and cost control practices can help businesses stay within this optimal range. Utilizing monthly management accounts enhances visibility into financial performance, enabling timely interventions to improve Gross Profit %age. A 5% increase in GP %age can lead to substantial annual revenue gains, illustrating its pivotal role in maximizing profitability and sustaining business growth. By prioritizing this KPI and addressing contributing factors, hospitality and manufacturing businesses can enhance operational efficiency and profitability systematically. Contact Baxterworld today for more information on all things KPI via our contact page.