WebFiling: Changes to Companies House

No date has been given but “soon” filing company documents online will be an easier process. It will have these features: 
  • the ability to link your company to your WebFiling account to give you more control over your filings; 
  • the ability to digitally authorise people to file on your behalf on WebFiling, and to remove authorisation; 
  • easily see who’s digitally authorised to file for your company;
  • an option to sign up to emails to help you with the running of your company.

Once you’ve linked your company to your account, you will not need to enter your authentication code every time you file online. 

If you own or file on behalf of more than one company, you’ll be able to manage all your companies from one account. 

Once the new account is introduced, you’ll also be able to digitally authorise yourself and other directors to file for your new company as part of the online incorporation process. 

Multi-factor authentication will be introduced at the same time. Some see this more as a nuisance than a benefit, but it will improve security and prevent hackers doing damage. 

Additionally, the upcoming system promises enhanced user experience through a more intuitive interface, simplifying the navigation and filing process. Users can expect real-time notifications regarding their filings, ensuring they stay informed about the status of their submissions. This system upgrade aims to reduce paperwork and streamline operations, making it more efficient for businesses to comply with regulatory requirements. Moreover, enhanced data protection measures will be in place, safeguarding sensitive company information. Training resources and support will be available to help users adapt to the new system, ensuring a smooth transition. Overall, these improvements are designed to make managing company filings more convenient and secure.

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