We are pleased to say our practice is now big enough to employ a full time IT technician. Welcome Williiam!

Having William as a resource has been tremendously helpful in the smooth running of the business. Luckily his broad knowledge allows him to tackle a wide range of issues such as setting up workstations for new team members, streamlining workflows via automation and so on. As our team spend all of their working time on multi-screen computers, fixing software issues is crucial to productivity.

The outsourced support companies rarely have the resources to cover everything, writing code would be an example. The average office worker depends on advanced information technology on a minute-to-minute basis. From uploading data for a client to simply answering the phones, everything involves a specific piece of tech. This means there is always the possibility of work grinding to a halt until a bug is fixed and so having a skilled IT technician on site to troubleshoot and advance productivity has proven to be a valuable asset.