We’re very pleased to be hosting another seminar for local businesses, this time discussing the various tips and tricks we’ve learned to make running restaurants, bars and cafes a little easier.


Baxterworld has been intrinsically linked to the hospitality industry from it’s early development (we discuss this a little more in depth here). We have invested quite a bit of time finding systems for our clients in this sector to remove inefficiencies in their record keeping. In particular, the evolution of cloud based software has really helped us streamline everything from payrolls to reconciling tills with bank accounts; which is why we are pleased to have representation from Quickbooks Online at the talk.


At the end of the day restaurants, cafes and bars can be frantic places to manage; so we will discuss various time-saving softwares to make daily workflows easier and quicker. We aim to make the bookkeeping as accurate as possible, but also allow our client’s staff to do their job without being snowed under a heap of bureaucracy. It’s a competitive market and the need to understand how money is being spent in a business is imperative to its success.


The seminar is free, starting at 8:30 until 10:30am. A free buffet breakfast will be included. The venue is the Holiday Inn at Botanic Avenue, Belfast. You can register via Eventbrite from this link: